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Environmental Documentary Filmmaker


Erik E. Crown is an award winning filmmaker, focusing on Environmental and Animal Rights Issues.

Starting at age 13, Erik learned production from his father, working at the family business Crown Productions in Maryland.   He began professional editing at age 16, when he won his first Telly award for an anti-war video.  That same video would get him in trouble as he played it in the lobby of his High School to protest.  


 He studied Greek Classics and Philosophy at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD, and then transferred to New York University for Film School.


With over 25 years of experience in production,

including work on NBC's "Scrubs", and WB's "TMZ", Erik now focuses on documentaries about the front line of the war on Nature, and the warriors defending it. 

After a 10 year bout with Cancer, Erik decided to forgo traditional treatments and investigate the world around him that had made him sick. 

He has shot documentaries in Mexico, Cambodia, the Phillipines, Vietnam, The Amazon Jungle Peru, Bulgaria, and many areas throughout the US tackling pollution, cancer, and taking the camera places usually off limits to bring the topic firsthand. 


And without corporate spin.

Recent Projects and Updates



2019 -

"Apathy: An Environmental Investigation" (working title)

Feature Length Documentary

An undercover and in the trenches firsthand look at how corporate America is polluting our local waterways, and the lawmakers are helping them.  Examining a place where the Cancer level is 6x the National Average, this unique documentary searches for answers through the labyrinth of red tape and no trespassing signs to reveal a deadly secret in our own backyards.



"South China Seas Illegal Fishing Campaign"

with Earthrace Conservation

Social Media Series (31 episodes)

Shot on location in-The Phillipines, Cambodia, Vietnam

Traveled to remote villages to track down the illegal fishing industry and fishermen.  Worked with the Navy Seals, local NGO's, and Coast Guard to patrol Islands and MPA's, stop illegal fishing boats, board them at sea, and then inspect for violations.  


Amazon Rainforest Illegal Pet Trade Campaign

with Earthrace Conservation

Social Media Series (57 episodes)

Shot in location in - The Amazon River, Peru

Starting in Iquitos, we travelled 1500km along the river, living on our small transport boat, and stopping  in 20 to 50 person towns to investigate and see firsthand the poachers and markets that fuel the illegal wildlife trade.


LIVICATED is on the way to the market finally! 

Very excited to announce that Livicated, our reggae documentary with: Roger Steffens, Caros Santana, Mutabaruka, Ben Harper, Neville Garrick, Cindy Breakspeare, and David Hinds of Steel Pulse is getting wrapped up and ready to haver on the market by the end of the year. 


A long anticipated documentary about reggae's struggle to survive a modern time trying to erase it's message. 

The Conservation Conversation Podcast


The Conservation Conversation is one of the fastest growing Podcasts on conservation, creating an online community where viewers can directly interact with our guests! 

Host Erik, E. Crown has guests from around the world talking about various eco issues we all face, and actions we can all take to work towArds a better solution - together.

It's our World - let's talk about it!!! 

Join LIVE every Sunday at 1pm (PST) or catch up on Itunes - just flick the links below.

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