Erik E. Crown

Los Angeles, Ca 

Documentarian/Video Journalist/Field Producer


With over 20 years of production experience, I am comfortable in every phase of production, and can follow a story from inception to compression.

I am experienced in shooting overseas, and have worked in: The Phillipines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Amazon Rainforest Peru, Jamaica, and Mexico.


My passion is unheard stories, with a focus for conservation and social justice.   My comfort zone begins where others peoples' ends.  From the front lines of revolution in Vietnam to boarding boats in the South China Seas, my favorite places to see are the ones where cameras do not usually go.


Using a variety of camera types: undercover cams, cell phone, GoPro, 5D, Videocameras, and drones there is always a way to get the shot and tell the story. 

2018 - South China Seas Illegal Fishing Campaign

Phillipines / Cambodia / Vietnam

Earthrace Conservation

2017 - Amazon Rainforest Illegal Pet Trade


Earthrace Conservation


2001-2017 .  Livicated: A Reggae Documentary

with: Roger Steffens, Carlos Santana, Ben Harper, Mutabaruka, David Hinds, Dr. Dread, Neville Garrick, Cindy Breakspeare, and many others