Every donation will go to ensure the continuation of direct action campaigns, water testing to understand the toxicity of the environment, undercover stings to stop illegal wildlife trade, and enabling more stories to find a wider audience and become part of an international conversation as we all fight for a better tomorrow.

Erik E. Crown is a direct action conservationist focused on creating a better future through campaigns, documentaries, and breaking news stories. He has worked on saving pink dolphins in the Amazon, busting international wildlife trade rings through South America, investigating and stopping illegal fishing in the South China Seas, battling trawlers to protect seahorse sanctuaries, and tackling international corporations that pollute water resources and contribute to rising cancer rates.

His work is a unique hybrid of activism and filmmaking, taking cameras into dangerous and remote areas to bring education and understanding into complex situations by allowing the audience to see the issues firsthand.  When not in the field, Erik focuses on The Conservation Conversation Podcast, highlighting amazing work by ordinary people around the globe who fight to protect and improve their communities and focusing on positive ways to create change.